Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tips for doing Competitor Website Analysis

Why we need to analyze our competitor's website?

Competitive website analysis has become an essential part in web marketing. It has enabled website holder to use strategic planning after analyzing their competitors’ website. During competitor website analysis you should know what you are looking for and how it will help your business improve.

When you analyze competitor’s website, it is not all about stealing ideas but also knowing your competitor strengths and weaknesses and findings your business advantage over the competitors.

Competitor Website Analysis

Five Tips for effective competitor website analysis:

1. Attending conference

SEO company in Delhi often have conferences. In order to analyze your competitors you should attend these conferences and even visit your competitors booth to see how they communicate with their customers, look at their product quality they are offerings, and how customers pick up literature and information from them. This is a great way to competitor website analysis.

2. SEO strategy 

During competitor website analysis , SEO services is one of the easiest way as you are able to use many tools to analyze your website and where it ranks among your competitors. There are tools such as SERP Checker tool for keyword ranking, Site worth Traffic tool for monitoring site traffic, Website Authority Checker tool for checking the authority in a website. Using some of the above mentioned tool you are able analyze your site and also analyze competitor site.

3. Competitor’s social media strategy

You should be able to analyze your website competitor’s strength and weaknesses in social media marketing. Social media has become a must in website development. You should know the platform in which your competitors are using to advertise their bland and their services. Also look on the response time of your website competitor on customer queries that have been asked through social media.

4. Analyze competitor content 

In Competitor Website Analysis you should analyze the content on your website and the competitors. Look at the quality of his content, the relevance of the content to the audience, how often the add content on their website and also the type of content they post.

5. Analyze who your competitors hire and what they want from candidates

When analyzing your competitor, look at the people they hire and what are the requirement of the candidates. Job opening and the type of people they hire will tell you more about their company structure.

In conclusion

The above are some of the tips that will help you eye on your competitors website progress. SEO Company in Delhi provide any website they develop with the necessary tools that will help in monitoring your competitors.

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