Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to do content quality check in your website?

Importance of web content:

Web content is an important element on a website. Writing high quality content is by choice. When designing a website, the web design company you choose may offer you website content writing services or it is up to you to hire writers that will provide high quality content. If you choose to give quality content you improve the chances of ranking high in search engines and will also lead to increase in web traffic.

How do you make sure you have quality content?

1. Original content

The web content you post should be original.  This will lead people to your site and also you will avoid punishment from google panda. Try using unique content that is different from other site. If you are too busy with business activities, go for SEO Company that provides website content writing services. Website design companies also offer these services.

2. Relevance

Check your web content relevance to your target audience. Google will be friendly to your website if you provide high quality content that has the relevant content about your service or product. So you should ask yourself about the details to entail in your business thoroughly.

3. Engaging content

You should come up with an engaging content. Engaging web content attracts more people to your site. It grabs the attention of the visitors making them keep on reading through the content. Keep your content sentence short and simple. High quality content should be engaging and attractive.

4. Check the spelling 

High quality content should have the correct spelling. Google will check your page content for grammatical and spelling errors and they do count this as part of an overall content quality score which will effect ranking positions. Check spelling using tools that can be downloaded freely of pay a company that can provide website content service to you.

5. Content should be recent

For a web content to be of high quality it should contain information that is recent. Search engines rank website according to the information they provide on their content. Posting outdated content can lead to google penalties and the website rank very low on search engines. Fresh content is a way of staying evergreen and this will increase website traffic.

In conclusion 

The above steps will lead you to producing high quality content. In web development, try to go for the website designers that also provide website content writing services. By producing high quality content you have the chance to rank high in the search engines and get increase website visibility in search engines.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tips to Maintain Style alongside Keyword Density When Writing SEO Content

There is a lot of concern when it comes to SEO content writing as people as well as search engines are looking for high quality content. The best Content writing company Delhi provides high quality content writing services. They hire writers who understand how to create effective optimized copy.

Writing is SEO may sound easier but as a writer you know the challenge you have to go through to maintain style in your writing as well as trying to maintain the keyword density required.

seo content writing

The following are some of the tips that will help you maintain your style without keyword stuffing:

Switching the order of words

In SEO content writing you are free to switch the order of words. The benefit of moving words around is about maintaining the style. In SEO content writing a writer who produce stylish content is likely to have a rank in the marketplace. You may also separates the keywords and treat them as individual keywords.

Use keyword strings

In SEO content writing you may decide to you use strings. However, if you continue to use the string repetitively you may bore your reader hence it is advisable to use punctuations and/or use the words in a slightly different context. These are clever tricks that the more accomplished SEO writers employ to maintain style alongside keyword density. Punctuation helps to change the notation of the content even if the string are used in the same content.

Important of keyword density 

There are many methods of optimizing your website for search engines, one of the most important methods is smart and targeted website copy.  I’m not just referring to the text, I’m also referring to your heading tags, image ALT tags, image descriptions, image titles, page titles, bulleted items and hyperlinks. For a good idea of how this blog looks to search engines, look at the TAGS section on the right side of this blog.   This is basically a snapshot of what we write about, how we perceive the content of our blog.

Keyword Density plays a very crucial role in optimizing your website for Search Engines. You must avoid keyword stuffing in your web content. Google is continuously updating their complex search algorithm so staying ahead of the curve can be challenging, but keyword density equations have remained fairly consistent over the years.  Keyword Density in your content is considered high-impact in terms of ranking on the SERP

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Amp up business website online traffic

In a business website one of the most important arsenal you can use to increase website traffic is by improving the business website. Whether it is your first website or you have been doing website business for a while the main aim should be to increase website traffic. Make your business website stand out in the search engine and it will lead to online traffic on website.

increase website traffic

Below are some tactics that will be help you to Amp up your business website online traffic

Use of coupons 

When you have an extra attention to your online customers, it is advisable to try and seal the sale by adding a coupon. This is an important tool and it can be a small procedure which can be added automatically to your business website.

Use site booster

Coming up with a business website is one thing and the site being found by the target audience is another thing. Using a site booster will help your site to be listed in all places that matters to your business website. This will also help you to increase your rankings and improve the visibility of your website in major search engines such as Google and Bing. This will in turn increase online traffic on website as the site will be easily found.

Use of Call To Action (CTA)

The use of call to action increase website traffic by commanding their attention using this feature. It should be located on the homepage where the visitor will be able to see it when he land on the page without scrolling down. Sometimes is advisable to place at the bottom of the page if the visitor may decide to read the content. It doesn’t matter whether your CTA is ‘add to cart’, ‘buy now’ provided it is a feature that can be found on your page. This will amp your business and help to increase website traffic.

Make navigation easier 

Help your customers find the product they are looking for on your site. People can’t buy your products if they can’t find the products. Also people may desert your site if the site is hard to navigate through. Make your site easier and customers will return for more of your products. This will increase website traffic.

Social boost 

Boost your business website by using social media. We are living in a world where the social media has revolutionized the business. Increase business website traffic by using social network platforms as many as possible where the target customer is present. This will increase online traffic on website.

Final words

The above are some secrets that will amp up your online business website traffic. If you have not been using the tactics try applying them on your business website and a noticeable change will be seen.