Monday, January 4, 2016

How Social Media helps to generate more quality leads?

Top 6 Tips for generate leads from social media:-

More and more people are joining some sort of social media, be it Facebook or Twitter. With the expansion of mobile internet and cheaper data bundles, social media traffic is increasing, and this provides an excellent opportunity to increase website traffic as well. 

For that we must keep in mind a few things about social media:-

1.     Build mobile Optimized Web Pages

This comes as a necessity since a lot of social media users are using some sort of Smartphone and thus find it difficult to open desktop Web Pages. So Mobile optimized Web Pages are worth the effort.

2.      Customizing Web Links

A customer usually makes up his/her mind in just a few seconds whether it is interested in the product or not, so it is vital that all the social media traffic coming to the website is directed to the page customized for pinning the customer to the product.

Thus the landing page becomes the page which makes the first impression on the visitor.

3.      Paid Adverts on Social media are quite effective

They generate leads from social media and increase website traffic more than any other kind of free marketing on social media. They should be efficiently and effectively used to ensure optimal results.

4.      Interactions with social media users

Proper interaction with social media users are very important and can help increase website traffic and help keep a dedicated fan-base/Client-base and mitigate and resolve any issues easily.

5.  Marketing budget and staffing

Allocating a sufficient part of the marketing budget and staffing for weekdays can significantly aid in the above steps and in gaining social media traffic. 

6.  Most importantly, upload your best content

Yes, looks matter and the better the quality of your content the more the social media traffic diverted to your site.

While it comes to the fact that social media is expanding quite fast, it is also creating more and more opportunities in its wake. 

To increase website traffic all it takes is to follow the above points carefully and giving it dedication and before you know it you are able to generate leads from social media and thus successfully diverting social media traffic to your website.

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