Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Are Frames Deadly in SEO?

Why you must avoid frames in your website?

When coming up with a website design you must avoid frames. Frames are an indication of bad choice in a web design. As a SEO tip avoid using frames on your website as search engines may see your home page as empty and may refuse to index your site content at all. Using frames is the single worst thing you can do to your website. If you care about SEO of your website consider the following points.


What usually happens?

Many web masters uses this technique to make navigation and the layout of the site look simple for the users. Frames will keep the top portion of the page stationary and any time the client click on the stationary part it will open in the next window or page. Search engines are unable to scan through the sites that are frameset because of the inability to move to different areas of the frame. Therefore you should avoid frames if you want search engines to rank the content on your page.

It is one of the great SEO tips to come up with a website without frames as it does not limit you web accessibility. Frame set website are limited to only desktops, while the website without frames can be accessed in many devices including smartphones and tablets. While using frame sets you are restricting your website on the parameters of the frames.

Reasons to avoid frames

1. Frames are deadly and should be avoided as they make your website look like a 1-page website to the search engines.

2. The other reason is that google indexes pages according to the content they have. A website without frames, its URL keep on changing allowing the search engine to capture many URL of your website which will help in your site indexing.

Frame set website, the search engines will capture only one URL making it only index the one URL. Your URL should change when you navigate a website and when using frame set website the URL never changes and this causes extremely serious problems for SEO. For this reason you should avoid frames.

In conclusion

Google will prefer a site that does not have frame sets as it is not able to reconstruct the frames. Usually google usually lead people to other site without frames. Therefore if you want your site to rank higher in the SERPs make sure develop a website without frames. I would greatly advice you to avoid frames at whatever cost.

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