Thursday, March 10, 2016

7 SEO Myths to Consider While Doing Website Optimization

How to do effective website optimization?

Am sure you’ve heard many myths and rumors about Search Engine Optimization. All over the internet, there are many techniques and suggestions on what works best and what doesn’t work, how to do it, how not to do it, etc.

If you want to optimize your website, then you should know how to weed out these myths. Best SEO Company Delhi highlights some of the SEO myths that you need to consider while optimizing a website.


These seven myths are website optimization tips for any agency or individual:

Myth 1: All you need is the right keywords

As much as keywords are relevant, they have to be rightly and correctly used. You can’t optimize your website by using keywords excessively. Your site will be penalized instead. Gone are the days when webmasters would staff keywords as a strategy. Use keywords naturally putting in mind that the overall content of your site is more important.

Myth 2: You can optimize for one search engine

Many people put more focus on Google ignoring other search engines. There are other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. even though Google is the most important. It is much easier to rank higher in other search engines since there is less completion.

Myth 3: The more pages you have on your site the better

The quality of content on your website is more important than its quantity when it comes to search engines optimization. Having many pages on your site only creates fluff and duplicate content which will hurt your rankings. If you want to optimize your website, stay away from a lot of pages and create quality content.

Myth 4: Going for an SEO company will get your site the number 1 spot

Not all SEO companies can be trusted. Also getting to the top spot is never guaranteed. There are good SEO companies in Delhi who will do everything in the right way as per the requirements and needs of your website.

Myth 5: Ranking high today guarantees high ranking tomorrow

Ranks fluctuate all the time due to several factors. It is, therefore, a misconception that rankings are permanent.

Myth 6: Navigation will not affect your ranking

The truth is navigation has a role to play in your rankings. Is your site user-friendly? What is your site’s page loading time? These are factors Google also consider. To optimize your website, make it easy to use and navigate.

Myth 7: A high ranking website guarantees great business

As much as everyone wants to get to the top, great SEO should include ensuring your website engages the audience and attracts them to take action. This is the only way for more business from your site.

To optimize your website for search engines, ensure you don’t fall into any of the above pitfalls. For more website optimization tips, contact best SEO Company Delhi.

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