Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 6 ways to increase efficiency of image optimization

How image optimization plays an important role in SEO?

Image Optimization plays a crucial role for SEO Service providers and our SEO company in Delhi. The traffic generated by images is great and this is a fact that can’t be ignored.

When it comes to Search engine optimization there is to consider following these Image Optimization Steps.


When it comes to Image Optimizations, one thing necessary for the SEO Services is that the photo or image should be unique, i-e not common on other sites. The Google’s algorithms ensure that similar images don’t end up together on the same page. So SEO services must keep this in account.

2.Size of the Image

Image size is something that matters too. While a small image may not be much attractive, no one wants to wait long for an image to load. Therefore the image should be optimized as not to curtail the size too much and the image size is reduced without effecting quality.

3.Image Captions

Image Captions are important as well. While the chances that your image may pop on the first page of you name it let’s say “jidfkjlodfkjlfv344.Jpg” are negligible. An image with “Pocket-Watch.Jpg” is more probable to reach the top pages.

4. Image Alt-tags

Alt-tags are almost as important as Image Captions. They are Meta-Data for Google’s Algorithms and are always given preference over Title tags. SEO services usually use them frequently.

5. Title-tags

Title-tags are a nice supplement for your image, while not as preferred by Google when compared to Alt-tags they still hold importance as “helping landing a hard punch” when it comes to image optimization. While not being frequently used by SEO services, they can help others to gain foothold if properly used.

6.Schema markup

It comes in when you really want to be the best. Schema Markup is a plethora of things but what it mostly is that it gives you an opportunity to give information about what the image is for and what purpose does this serve. Good Schema Markups can help SEO services boost the chance of it coming up in the top most pages of Google search.

Image optimization is quite important when it comes to Search engine Optimization and making it to the top pages on a Google search.

Our SEO Company in Delhi provides the best services following these image optimization steps and other advanced methods to ensure increase in internet traffic.

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