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The use of SMO services is an effective form of internet marketing. This involves use of social media outlets and communities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G talk among others to increase awareness on a certain event or product. SMO services are similar to SEO .They both aim at generating traffic for search engines and certain website as a marketing strategy.

SMO services Delhi

Social Media Services promote product by enhancing their visibility on specific sites. Marketing experts have discovered social media sites as the easiest way to generate traffic if information is well shared. Social media has the highest number of users as compared to other sites. SMO services link websites to social media.
Different companies offer Social Media Optimization services in India. The country has been growing in terms of business and innovation. Most of them are digital and target even international clients in providing services such as link building, Pay per click, Web hosting and redesigning

Which are the Top 10 Ways to Utilize SMO services   to Generate Traffic?

       1.  Use of Social Bookmarking
 Bookmarks are brief links which enables the user to like a certain page or website. It has an option of referring a friend hence promoting viewership by as many users as possible.

       2.   Video Blogging
This method employs the uploading of free videos on   specific events or product through You Tube and Google videos

       3.   Developing RSS feeds
 It is a way of creating traffic by syndicating content from websites enabling the user to download it

       4.   Using One way Links
This is best done manually. Free links and directories are shared on social media. Users can access the websites by simply clicking on them. This generates traffic.

      5.   Creating Top Search Engines’ Site Map
This offers clear guide to a certain website. Users can make use of maps to access the websites.

      6.   Use of Social News Tags
This is a very effective method. Users are informed on new developments from around the world. This should be made as interesting as possible to attract viewership and build traffic.

      7.   Article Writing and Submissions
Articles on target products are shared on social media such as Facebook and twitter. They inform and direct users to the mother websites.

      8.  Use of Online Press Release write ups
 This method works the same way as article writing. It involves posting informative press releases on social media to generate traffic.

9.  Connecting informative submissions of yahoo and Google to individual websites.

This increases viewership.

     10.   Blogging
 Creating blogs is a good SMO service. They boost traffic to the target websites in a great way. Information is also shared faster

The internet is the busiest market place. With digital development, most individuals and businesses prefer internet marketing. Passing information to social media users is easy because they are in large numbers. SEO and SMO services are used in tandem for the best results.

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